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  1. Johanna Griggs says:

    Aside for the one I purchased, are there any others you have written and /or illiusreated ? As you know I so appreciate your art as well as your writing! Will most of your work only be on line?
    I am so grateful to own one of your original pen and inks as is my daughter!
    Hope to hear from you soon, Johanna

    • admin says:

      Hi Johanna! Thanks so much for checking out my site again :)

      Yes, I’ve written and illustrated a few other things — picture books, the sequel to the book that’s coming out in the spring, another novel for older kids, a graphic novel, etc… I hope to get all of it published at some point — hopefully now that I’ve gotten one book out there, that will speed things along with the others. But the publishing world moves at an absolutely GLACIAL pace, so it might be a while!

      I’m so glad you’re still happy with the pieces you and your daughter have! And I never forgot about the painting of your cat I was supposed to do, but things just piled up…I always have more projects I want to do than I have free time for :( It IS still on my to-do list, though!


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